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Katherine Tolentino is a Chinese-Salvadoran filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area. Having grown up in several different cultures, she aims to make films that break down reductive stereotypes and shed light on what we all have in common.

After an eight-year media career spanning journalism, television, film and short-form content, she knows that the best kinds of stories are the ones that move you: stories that get deep into your insides, and reveal those hidden truths that you didn’t even realize were a part of you.

With that in mind, she strives to make work from the soul, to tell stories with honesty, empathy, and integrity.

Tolentino has worked for major studios including HBO, NBCUniversal, ABC, TNT, and FOX. Previously she was a radio journalist at KQED San Francisco, covering the Latino immigrant population in San Jose, CA. Her short films have screened at festivals nationwide, and her latest film Parachute was nominated for the NBR Student Film Award.
photo credit: Marwin Arellano

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